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Rent a pub
Rent your own pub!
Seperate premises can be rented for special occasions. Includes: 2 rooms with seperate entrance, bar, small stage and toilets. It's a great place to celebrate anniverseries, birthdayparties or other parties. Consider Kitty's for your next get-together!

In good weather you can also enjoy your pint or a cigarette in Kitty Kiernans' biergarten.

Live music
Every weekend Kitty Kiernans presents musicians from Ireland and abroad. The musical variety on offer ranges from traditional to pop music - there is the appropriate for every taste.

Hungry? No Bother!
If you hear you stomach growling for some food, just go across the street and grab one of the delicious sandwiches from "The Corner Deli".

Wines & Co.
Great wines from California, Australia or other famous vineyards as well as liquors are available in the Downey Off Licence "Carry Out" next door.
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